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The Guns of Shivalik by Hari Thandi

Based on true events in the area of the Shivalik Hills in India, this book by Leeds-based author Hari Thandi follows the ventures of a postman whose passions for women and hunting have far-reaching consequences for those around him. Providing an insight into the lives of a Sikh family over several decades, the book bristles with emotion, love and tragedy.

Published by York Place Media, Leeds, as an ebook. ISBN: 9781909826038

Cats & Other Party Animals by Oliver Cross

Award-winning Yorkshire journalist Oliver Cross compiles some of his most humorous columns in this new paperback, offering readers an insight into his observations of life in Leeds and places elsewhere. In Indonesia, for example, he discovers it is possible to transport two small settees on a bicycle.

Back home he examines glum goldfish, beige parties, misguided cats, pub lives and other important matters too often overlooked.

If Wet In Church Hall by Terry Hamilton

BA young man becomes a junior reporter on his home-town newspaper in the Sixties. Clunking typewriters, a smoke-filled office, and stories like diamond weddings, church fetes, and drunks appearing in court, are the order of the day. But there are tragic stories, too, like when a local trawler sinks with the loss of many lives. Humorous, poignant and evoking a decade of change, If Wet In Church Hall depicts a young journalist’s coming of age – and his quest for love.

DCI Costello - Dear Vinnie by Nigel McDermid

Seasoned detective Vinnie Costello leads investigations into the killing of a local newspaper editor. Years of dealing with the darker side of human nature, however, have taken their toll and – haunted by personal tragedy too – Costello begins to question his own sanity. Laced with black humour, the story casts light on ruthless ambition, deep despair as well as the hope of salvation as Costello follows a trail that leads him to suspect the murder is not an isolated incident.

Published by York Place Media, Leeds, as an ebook. ISBN: 9781909826014

Maria's Gift by Richard Taylor

As young Londoner Tessa accompanies her grandmother on a trip to Warsaw to see a dying relative, she discovers some painful secrets about the Polish side of her family. She learns too that the horrors of war are not as distant or as far-removed as she once imagined. This moving story highlights a community’s struggle for survival amidst brutalities meted out by both the Nazi SS and Soviet troops. As the tale unfolds, Tessa begins to recognise how much she takes the freedoms and comforts of her own life for granted.

I'll Always Love You by Richard Taylor

The suicide of his wife on Christmas Day shatters the life of a middle-aged doctor. But as the story unfolds, doubts emerge about circumstances surrounding the tragedy. Suspicion grows and even the doctor’s own children question their father’s role in their mother’s death. The widower, increasingly isolated and vulnerable, however, is forced to question his long-held values and morality.

Going Barmy by Paul Wilson

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. That’s all the Barmy Army crave. That they still have their detractors is almost certainly because they’re such an easy target for the primarily middle-class English media, and it all starts, of course, with that self-mocking name. Available from Sports Books Ltd, 9 St Aubyns Place York YO24 1EQ