York Place Media in Leeds is a platform for the launch of ebooks and provides publicity and marketing for selected titles. We are keen to promote works with Yorkshire and Leeds connections.

It is understandable that most writers would like to see their work in print – many will also be aware that trying to secure a deal with a publisher can be a thankless task. Rejection, though, is often more to do with the high cost of conventional publishing than with the merit of a piece of work, publishers being wary of the cost-factors of making a commitment to new authors. But another option is to bring out your work as an ebook. This you might choose to do yourself or if you prefer we can to do it for you for a modest fee and provide a cover, accurate formatting and an ISBN number plus registration of the book with the Nielsen database which provides information to ebook retailers.

At the same time, we are committed to ensure all books with which we deal meet a suitable standard and have literary integrity and with this in mind, we provide editing and proofreading services too. We also offer literary appraisal. Writers taking advantage of this option will also be offered the opportunity of having his or her work posted as an ebook and where appropriate listed on our Selected Books page, which provides a synopsis of the work, alongside the writer’s profile. Where appropriate we also submit the work for consideration by Waterstone’s ebook retail section.

We do urge authors to be realistic about the sales they are likely to achieve – this applies to ebooks and printed books alike; modest sales often bear little relation to a book’s literary merits.

Books we are keen to consider are for niche markets, in particular those with Leeds and Yorkshire connections.

Please note that we cannot accept unsolicited material through the post and if any work is sent on a pdf, a preliminary email would be appreciated.