"Our business in Leeds has gone from strength to strength since we asked York Place Media and designPage to do our website," - Danny Thornton, The Waste Team Ltd, Leeds (www.thewasteteam.co.uk).

"I knew York Place Media had teamed up with designPage and that I’d get a good website built but I never expected just what a great boost for business it was going to be," - Russel Towers, director, TWS Construction (UK) Ltd, Thirsk, North Yorkshire (www.twsconstruction.co.uk).

"We first of all went to York Place Media for their copywriting expertise and then asked designPage to adapt our website for smartphone and android devices so that even more of our clients can see what services we offer. YPM are currently helping us with the publication of a new book: Stop Smoking with Hypnosis, which they are also translating into French for an ebook release," - Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic (www.leeds-hypnotherapy-clinic.co.uk).

"Many thanks to York Place Media for publishing my book Cats and Other Party Animals" - Oliver Cross, Yorkshire Evening Post award-winning newspaper columnist and author.

"I am grateful to York Place Media for their help in my project," - Hari Thandi, author of The Guns of Shivalik.

"Your quick editing and proofreading are much appreciated," - Postgraduate student at University of Leeds who used YPM’s services.

"My sincere thanks to York Place Media, without whose encouragement this project (e-book – If Wet In Church Hall) could have long ago ended up in my computer’s trash bin," - Terry Hamilton, author