Last year, York Place Media, of Leeds, teamed up with Hertfordshire-based business Design Page in order to offer clients a full, first class website design package. Here in Leeds, we provide the text, pictures and liaise with customers while designPage use their technical expertise to create a site to suit the individual client. Together we employ literary and computer know-how to promote a customer’s business and to optimise search engine exposure. We also offer monitoring and long-term support.

As businesses vary, so do all our websites. Each is unique and reflects the nature of the business being promoted. There is no one-size fits all, though we do go to great lengths to ensure each and every site impresses. We start by liaising with the client and together establish the intended functions of the particular website. We recognise there are a few businesses that may benefit very little from having a site of their own and in such cases we will advise that they may wish to restrict their web presence to inclusion within on-line trade directories, many of which offer free listings.

The next step up from this is a simple website that boasts a domain and announces the business’ existence, providing contact details and a brief summary of the services offered by the enterprise.

A more sophisticated site might be one that wishes to update details on a frequent basis, a restaurant, for example, whose menu changes from day to day or week to week. Such a site is designed mostly for the benefit of existing customers and to maintain their loyalty by keeping them informed. Such sites are also popular with societies and sporting clubs.

And then there are enterprises whose websites are an essential and integral part of an expanding business, serving to attract new customers as well as offering various other functions. Such sites need high-profile exposure and we adopt a huge variety of techniques to ensure this. We employ sophisticated software and programming to make the site not only attractive but also meet the specific demands of the particular client. For example, the site might need to provide automated on-line quotes or offer on-line retailing facilities with integrated payment functions.

YPM in conjunction with designPage is also happy to hear from businesses seeking to upgrade an existing site or to create a smartphone-friendly version of it. Whatever your needs, customer satisfaction is a priority at both York Place Media and designPage and we always work in close liaison with clients to provide top quality websites that fulfil the specific demands made of them.

We are happy to offer advice without obligation to anyone wanting more information or to discuss details further; simply make your initial enquiry through our Contact Page.